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If like us, you own more than one bike, you’ll know that for all the joy they bring, looking after your motorcycles can sometimes, just sometimes, be a bit of a pain and feel like a bit of a full time job in itself.

You know, you’ve only just paid one lot of road tax for your favourite bike, when another demand drops through the letterbox. And then there’s arranging all the MOTs and just keeping the bikes in fuel and tyres.

And we won’t even go into cleaning all your motorcycles, before we even get to making sure your prized motorcycle collection is all fully insured.

Thankfully, Mackenzie Hodgson can help you on that last one. By taking out a multibike insurance policy through us, you’ll be able to have more than one bike covered on a single policy. That means less paper work, less hassle and, often, less money than insuring them individually too.

So, whether you have a day-to-day commuter like a Yamaha MT-07, a weekend sports bike, naked motorcycle or adventure bike, a collection of classic motor bikes - from a Triumph Bonneville to a big money Vincent or Ducati 916SPS - or you just have a worrying addiction to online auction sites (don’t worry, we know the feeling), we know that you can only ever ride one motorcycle at a time.

It’s a problem we know well at Mackenzie Hodgson with our own personal motorcycle collections, from Neil’s Confederate to Niall’s Yamaha FS1E and his growing collection of classics.

In fact, a quick ask round the Mackenzie Hodgson office about everyone’s dream motorcycle collection sees everything from a Ducati Desmosedici, Brough Superior SS100, BMW R1250 GS Adventure and Kawasaki Z1, to a Honda C90 included!

We know that everyone is different, and so is everyone’s motorcycle collection or dream garage. Which is why you should talk to your experts and make sure your prize motorcycles are covered. What’s in your dream motorcycle garage?

Our multibike policies give you the peace of mind that you’ll be fully covered out on the road, while your other bikes enjoy fire and theft cover back at the shed.

Speak to our expert staff and they will help find a suitable multibike insurance policy, it’s what we do.

Many customers find they save money by taking on a multibike policy with Mackenzie Hodgson, while having one renewal date and a single set of insurance documents is a great way to make life easier.

We can’t help with the road tax and MoTs, though we do provide a range of extras!


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You can get a multibike insurance quote from Mackenzie Hodgson easily. Go to our online quote or give one of our experts a call on: 0333 0053 100 and they will search our panel of insurers to fine you a multi bike insurance deal to to suit your needs.