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Bike Insurance from as little as £145

10% of new customers paid £145 for Comprehensive cover, between 1st August 2023 and 30th November July 2023. Excludes optional extras and premium finance. Premiums are based on individual circumstances.



We’re Mackenzie Hodgson – the UK’s most exciting motorcycle insurance business started by us, Niall Mackenzie and Neil Hodgson.

We’ve spent our entire lives riding, racing, loving and sometimes even occasionally falling off motorcycles, which is why we wanted to bring our passion and expertise to the world of motorbike insurance.


Motorcycle Industry Association Members

As fellow motorcyclists, we know bike insurance isn’t high on the list of things that gets bikers excited – but we do know that our bikes are loved and cherished – which is why bike insurance and giving your bikes the cover they need is hugely important to us.

Whatever bike you ride, let Mackenzie Hodgson do the graft in finding the right bike insurance for you.

We work with our hand-picked panel of bike insurance underwriters to find suitable cover for you. Ride a modified or customised bike? No problem. Simply talk to our friendly,  experienced, contact centre staff to discuss your bike’s mods and we’ll speak to our panel of insurers to get you the cover you need. Run multiple bikes? By working with a range of insurance partners we are able to offer our customers multi bike policies which may well save you money.

If you want just the minimum level of motorbike insurance to ride on British roads, we offer basic third party only (TPO) cover. Third party fire and theft (TPFT) adds additional protection should your bike be stolen, or damaged by fire, while comprehensive cover provides additional reassurance in case you accidentally damage your machine.

All motorbike insurance policies include motor legal cover as standard, covering your legal costs to recover any loss of earnings, policy excess payments or injury compensation in the case of an accident which is not your fault.

For the ultimate level of motorcycle insurance, Mackenzie Hodgson offers a range of additional services, including:


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Excess protection

Allows you to get your excess payment back upon successful pay-out of a claim on your policy. From 1 April 2024, we're temporarily unable to offer Excess Protection as an optional extra on your bike insurance, but it will be back soon.

Personal accident insurance

Having personal accident insurance can help to ease the worries and provide cover in the event of a serious injury or accidental death while riding your motorcycle, including:

  • The policyholder and any passengers riding on the insured motorcycle in the event of an accident in the UK
  • The policyholder and any passenger riding on the insured motorcycle in the event of a malicious and unprovoked assault by the occupant or rider of another motor vehicle or pedal cycle in the vicinity of the insured motorcycle
  • The policyholder in the event of an accident whilst a passenger on any other motorcycle

In the event of one of the above happening, which results in any of the following, your bike insurance would cover you for a maximum of £20,000*

  • Accidental death £20,000*
  • Loss of sight, one eye £10,000*
  • Loss of sight, both eyes £20,000*
  • Loss of speech £20,000*
  • Loss of hearing, one ear £10,000*
  • Loss of hearing, both ears £20,000*
  • Loss of limbs £20,000*
  • Permanent total disablement £20,000*

No cover is provided for any pre-existing medical conditions (within the last 12 months before cover commenced) or if the motorcycle is being used off road, or for race or track riding. If you want to make a claim the police must be contacted within 24 hours of the accident.

Helmet and leathers cover

Good safety gear isn’t cheap and this add-on will cover the cost of replacing your helmet, leathers/textiles, gloves and boots, up to a pre-agreed amount.

No claims bonus

Experienced riders are able to take advantage of no claims bonus (NCB) a discount scheme that recognises each claim free year, potentially resulting in cheaper motorbike insurance, with NCB protection options available to ensure you won’t lose your bonus in case of a no fault claim. Bike insurance is also available for young and new riders, including learners and those with A1 and A2 category licences.

Want to join us? Click here for a free, no obligation motorcycle insurance quote or call us on 0333 0053 100.