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Long-time mates Niall Mackenzie and Neil Hodgson set up Mackenzie Hodgson in 2016, after researching the market and concluding that motorcyclists deserved more rider-focused bike insurance.

The pair are well-known faces on the UK motorcycling scene. Niall spent a decade racing in the Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championships in the 1980s and 1990s, becoming Britain’s leading competitor as a factory rider in the premier 500cc class, before returning to the UK to win three back-to-back British Superbike titles for Yamaha between 1996 and 1998. This unique hat trick remains a record today, having never been achieved again since.

Neil’s career saw him win the British 125cc championship, as an 18-year-old, in 1992. He moved on to the Grand Prix world championships, first in 125s and latterly 500s, before switching to World Superbikes, where he was a factory rider for Ducati and Kawasaki during the championship’s golden years.

Hodgy returned to the UK in 1999 and won the 2000 British Superbike Championship in one of the most memorable seasons of all time.

His rivalry with Chris Walker was pure box office and two wildcard wins in the World Superbike Championship saw his career really take off. Neil won the World Superbike title in 2003, before moving into MotoGP and the American AMA Superbike Championship.

In addition to Mackenzie Hodgson, Niall and Neil continue to impart their knowledge as TV pundits (Neil as one of TNT Sports’ lead MotoGP commentators and Niall working for British Eurosport on their Superbike coverage) and have spent many years teaching everyday riders how to ride better as advanced level instructors.

Despite spending their careers racing around the world’s greatest racetracks on some of the fastest and most exotic motorcycles, Niall and Neil’s passion for bikes means that they’re not just focused on the latest Superbikes. From small mopeds and scooters through to commuters, tourers, cruisers, and adventure bikes, Mackenzie Hodgson offers unparalleled knowledge of the motorcycle market.


Niall Mackenzie

Niall Mackenzie had his first GP race in 1984 at the British Grand Prix, hosted at the famous Silverstone. This was the start of a successful career in the sport, during which he won the British Superbike Championship three times from 1996 to 1998, having already won the British 250cc and 350cc titles twice earlier in his career.

Neil Hodgson

Neil Hodgson started his GP journey 11 years later in 1995, competing in the Australian Grand Prix at Eastern Creek. Again, this proved to be the starting block of a successful career in the sport which took Neil all over the world. He won the 2000 British Superbike Championship and became Superbike World Champion in 2003.